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Walter Halicki promotes the importance of positive content

Walter Halicki, an online reputation management expert,  is taking the time to explain why promoting positive content – whether it be pictures, videos, press releases, articles or any other publications – is vital to your brand and name. In order to change how anything is viewed online, whether it’s a person or business, it’s essential to create and maintain positive assets. The “positivity” comes from the fact that these assets don’t harm the person or company in question, and the online reputation management expert Walter Halicki explains exactly why promoting positive content is so important.

1. Cross-promotion

Using several different platforms to promote the same content or idea is an effective way to get as many viewers as possible. You can take many routes to achieve this goal, but one of the most effective ways is through the use of social media. Positive reviews, comments, and  press can all be shared on the various social media platforms that a business or person uses, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. This way, the highest number of people possible has the opportunity to click on it and see your message.

2. Promote the positive through asking for reviews

Another method of generating positive press is by simply asking for reviews. There are plenty of satisfied customers out there who never post anything online about their experiences. Politely asking members, users, patrons and guests to rate their experiences online without being pushy or annoying when they express their satisfaction and pleasure is a great way to positively boost an online reputation, rather than letting a vocal minority of unsatisfied customers control what your brand looks like online.